Planning Your Kitchen Makeover: Important Things to Think About

Planning Your Kitchen Makeover: Important Things to Think About

When it comes to making lots of kitchens every day, our designers say you should keep these things in mind for a successful kitchen renovation:


1. Dishwasher Size: Pick a bigger 60 cm dishwasher, so you can easily clean those tricky pots that don't fit in a smaller 40 cm one.


2. Countertop Choice: Think about what you'll be doing in your kitchen and how much you want to spend when choosing your countertop.


3. Smart Workspace: Use pillars but make sure you have enough space on the countertop for your everyday gadgets like mixers.


4. Hide the Mess: Try to hide things like trash bins, ovens, and pipes so your kitchen looks neat.


5. Filtered Water Faucet: Get a faucet that gives you filtered water – it's handy, easy, and good for the environment, and you won't have to pay a lot.


6. Smart Storage: Figure out where to put things in your kitchen, like keys, medicine, and cool gadgets.


7. Quality Cabinets: Get good-looking and strong cabinet fronts to make your kitchen look great.


8. Stove Area: Don't put cabinets right above the stove if you cook a lot – it helps avoid lingering smells.


9. Bright Lights: Use LED lights on the countertop to help you see better when you're working.


10. Kid-Friendly Cabinet: If you have kids, make a lower cabinet with snacks they can reach without needing a stool.


Remember, everyone's kitchen is different. Just pick what works best for you!


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