Junona Line 240 kitchen - discover the advantages of ready-made sets

Junona Line 240 kitchen - discover the advantages of ready-made sets

Among the available proposals, you will find ready-made sets that will make it easier for you to arrange the kitchen, and individual blocks, thanks to which you will create a development tailored to your needs. See how easy it is!

The Junona Line 240 kitchen set consists of upper and lower cabinets with enough space to store everything you need in the kitchen. Place plates, cups and glasses on comfortable shelves, and hide aromatic coffee behind the fronts of narrow cupboards. Keep sweet snacks in the cupboard above the hood - they'll be within reach whenever you feel like eating a little something. The cabinets from the lower row will work well as compartments for pots and lids, but they can also contain a food processor, toaster or a blender.

The design of the largest kitchen set, 240 cm wide, includes a place for an extractor hood, a two-compartment sink and a free-standing cooker. Does your kitchen need additional cabinets for food supplies or household appliances? The Junona Line collection includes ready-made modules with which you can successfully complete your set.

The universal colors of the buildings are a guarantee of a timeless arrangement that will delight not only the household members, but also the guests visiting you. The white body and the complementary fronts in the color of light delano oak constitute a coherent whole with a minimalist character. An interesting accent is a metallic black gold slate table top and integrated graphite handles.

Plinths and other elements, such as a glass shelf with lighting for the G2W / 80/57 upper cabinet, can be purchased at brw.pl.

The set includes cabinets: G2D / 60/57, GO / 60/30, G1D / 40/57-LP, G2W / 80/57, D2D / 60/82, D1D1S40, DK2D / 80/82.

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When arranging your kitchen, focus on functional solutions that will adapt to your needs. Discover the possibilities of Junona Line modular kitchens and choose the system for yourself.