An idea for the renovation of an old house - a retro atmosphere in a new version

An idea for the renovation of an old house - a retro atmosphere in a new version

How to make an old property gain a new, functional face and at the same time retain its original character? If you are looking for an idea for renovation, we are here to help. Today we suggest how to arrange your home in a retro style. We invite you to read!

What to remember when deciding to renovate an old house?
The decision to buy an old house is often motivated by the desire to reduce expenses and bypassing a number of procedures related to traditional construction. Indeed, choosing the right plot of land, obtaining a building permit, as well as the prospect of several years of waiting for the house to be returned to live, is not necessarily a path full of roses.

However, refurbishing an old building, while undoubtedly an exciting experience, can also turn out to be an expensive and time-consuming process. In this case, you should take into account unforeseen expenses, and thus - exceeding the established budget, as well as problems that we are sometimes unaware of at the stage of inspection. The renovation of an old home is often an undertaking full of surprises. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for different scenarios.

Another important issue related to the renovation of a cottage in the countryside or on the outskirts of the city are the formalities that must be completed before starting any work. However, their type is determined by the scope of planned changes. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the difference between renovation and remodeling. Renovation, i.e. performance of construction works aimed at restoring the original condition of the building, requires only notification to the poviat starosty. It is different in the case of reconstruction understood as an interference with the functional or technical parameters of the facility - here you will need a building permit.

So if your home design includes extensive changes, such as adding a terrace, inserting a roof window with a breach of the roof structure or the demolition of a load-bearing wall, you will be required to obtain a building permit.

The metamorphosis of the old house - the advantages of the solution
However, investing in an old home can be profitable. By purchasing a property that is in good technical condition, you can save a lot. In addition, you can live in the house even before the renovation works are completed, which significantly reduces the waiting time for the building acceptance. For many buyers, this is one of the greatest advantages of buying an aftermarket home.

Renovating an old house also gives you the opportunity to preserve some of the elements of the old construction, which constitute the original character of the purchased object. These can be classic natural wood floors, solid door and window joinery that only needs refreshing or beautiful details present in pre-war villas. If you are renovating a house that is several decades old, nothing prevents you from recreating the atmosphere and style of the original during the renovation work. The use of modern solutions while emphasizing the age-old elements of the interior is a great idea for a retro-style home!

A retro house - how to arrange it?
The old house will gain an extraordinary character if you decide that the final effect of the renovation works emphasizes its status. Of course, this does not mean giving up modern functionalities that will adapt the property to the needs of your family. Recreating the style of the building will be possible, among others, thanks to the appropriate finishing materials, colors and carefully selected equipment.

It may happen that some of the elements found in an old building do not need to be completely replaced, but only renewed. This is often the case with wooden floor boards, where sanding and a thorough surface finish are enough for the parquet to regain its former glory.

The same is true for walls. As long as they are not affected by fungal growth, they will need plastering, plastering and painting. Then you have to decide whether traditional white or patterned wallpapers will be better suited to the whole interior design concept. Walls covered with bricks can also be an interesting solution for retro-style interiors. In the kitchen and bathroom, cement tiles modeled on the style of the interwar period will be perfect.

Jadalnia Kent - pomysł na remont starego domu

Brick on the wall? When arranged with the KENT COLLECTION, it will present itself very effectively

Retro style in the interior - color scheme

The retro style likes expressive, saturated colors, hence multi-colored combinations are popular in arrangements stylized for interiors from past decades. Orange, green, brown, as well as mustard yellow and red are present not only in the form of accessories or decorations, but also furniture upholstery, household appliances and even wall surfaces.

What's more, bold colors do not have to be limited to one, two or even three intense colors within one styling. Retro interiors are often rich in non-obvious combinations, creating space for the entire color palette.

Multicolored chairs in the dining room, multicolored dinner sets or lounge sets composed of furniture of different colors? The retro style tells them a definite yes!

Retro style furniture - what to choose?

Retro-style furniture is a real rarity for lovers of extraordinary designs and furniture with a soul, emphasizing the atmosphere of old times in the interiors. In old, although renovated houses, solid furnishings such as leather armchairs, brass lamps and heavy sofas with chrome legs will be perfect. It will also be a good idea to invest in slim cabinets and cabinets with oak fronts. Simple silhouette furniture in a deep brown color will enrich the appearance of a living room or a representative dining room.

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Meble w stylu retro Madison

THE MADISON FURNITURE COLLECTION will delight you with its stylish elegance

In modernist houses, in which we want to recreate the atmosphere of the 1930s, it is best to focus on effective, and at the same time extremely durable solutions: the highest quality materials are the key to interior success. Make sure that the rooms in the newly decorated house include a well-stocked library with cavernous shelves, a stylish office or a beautiful kitchen with decorated furniture fronts.

Styl retro kuchnia Royal

ROYAL IMPEROR KITCHEN - a retro arrangement

Accessories that can not be missing in a retro arrangement

Retro-style decorations are primarily colorful paintings, graphics and posters that stand out against the background of bright, uniform walls. Unique candlesticks and vases, carpets with geometric patterns, round tables on slender legs and porcelain figurines displayed in windows - all this will provide the household with a fascinating journey through time. You will also bring a retro style into your home thanks to stylized lamps - not only enameled, but also original floor models with decorative lampshades.

Finally, take care of the presence of natural greenery. Live plants will present themselves beautifully in fashionable flower beds and stands located in different parts of the house.