A corner with two bedding containers

A corner with two bedding containers

The appearance of the corner sofa for the living room can be adapted to your needs. But the decision to use a left-hand or right-hand layout must be made before the first installation. After that, it will not be possible to make changes to this field.

Massive armrests and a whole set of pillows allow you to take a comfortable position conducive to relaxation. The Przemek IV corner sofa has two built-in containers for bedding. It is equipped with an efficient folding mechanism, thanks to which the preparation of the bedding for sleep takes place very quickly.

The filling is made of foam and bonell springs, therefore the sleeping surface is even and uniform, providing a stable support for the body.

Special features of the furniture:

• A corner with the option to choose a left-hand or right-hand version only during the first assembly.

• The filling of the seat is bonell and foam.

• The mattress is filled with bonell and foam.

• The backrest (cushions) are filled with cut foam.

• Large bedding container.

• Two bedding containers - increased storage capacity.

• System of pockets filling the backrest cushions.

• Bonell springs in the seat and backrest, that is the entire sleeping surface - comfortable and homogeneous sleeping.

• High armrests provide stable support.

• Even sleeping surface.

• Simple and even surface of the armrests - optimal support.

• Efficient and lightly operating machine.

• Plastic feet. smooth running machine.

• Plastic feet.

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